Why do/should Hawkes Bay businesses want to enter the awards?

Following on from last years event, the Hawkes Bay Chamber of Commerce is happy to announce that PAN PAC Forest Products have chosen to be the naming rights sponsors of this year's PAN PAC Hawkes Bay Business Awards.

The Business Awards are about inspiring the next generation of entrepreneurs, the people either setting up new businesses or buying existing businesses.  If we inspire 10 percent of the 18000 businesses in Hawkes Bay to raise their game by just 2 percent, the result will be a 360 percent increase.  Whether that is sales, exports or profits it all adds up to a healthier wealthier Hawkes Bay Commercial sector.

Award winners tell a story about a commercial environment that, matched with the lifestyle HB offers, is attractive to entrepreneurs and businesses looking to reverse urbanisation.

PAN PAC Hawkes Bay Business Awards is a credible and positive way to profile and inspire the future of Hawkes Bay business.

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Nomination Form

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