Simon Gault is one of the leading lights in New Zealand’s culinary scene. Simon is a chef and restauranteur that has worked both in New Zealand and internationally at a vast array of establishments including Leiths restaurant in London and at the prestigious, Michelin-starred Thornbury Castle. He has also formally been the personal chef to the likes of billionaire Oracle CEO Larry Ellison, and prior to that, personal chef to Simon Fuller. Simon is a global culinary superstar who has a remarkable talent for bringing together tastes and techniques from around the world. When asked what his favourite recipe was, Kevin Roberts, Worldwide CEO of Saatchi and Saatchi, replied ‘Simon Gault’s telephone number’.

Simon Says: I have lost a considerable amount of weight, not by eating grass and berries. Basically, it was a result of eating at sensible times and being mindful mainly of what, not how much, I was eating. The result was enough to turn my Type two diabetes around. That, understandably, has made a huge difference to my life and future. If that’s not enough, I can say without hesitation, the transformation process was enjoyable. Life is not about unrealistic goals that are achievable only by inflicting unpleasant remedies. The Four Wheels process is to be enjoyed and the outcomes celebrated. Having said that I lost weight, I need to emphasise that this not a weight loss program. It is a lifestyle change program with huge health benefits. One should regard any weight loss as a side effect of regaining good health. No eating enjoyment has suffered during my transformation.

Image supplied by BM Management