Every business has a plan or strategy driving its purpose and direction. But chances are the sales function just happens, it’s easy right.....just sell and sell more! Sounds good in theory, and to a certain point it may work, but to grow sales successfully and sustainably you need to look beyond “what do I need to sell today, this week, this month”.

At S Three limited we specialise in supporting the sales function of small to medium-sized businesses. By helping you understand the components of the sales function, alignment with the wider business strategy and how these components ultimately drive more profitable sales and long-term customer partnerships. The outcomes are the established procedural foundations necessary to deliver your business objectives, and just as important, the checks required to measure your success.

Our review and support packages include:

- Sales function review (resources, processes, procedures and objectives)

- Implementing or improving utilisation of customer relationship management platforms (CRM)

- Optimising sales team structure

- Setting sales objectives (company, team, individual)

- Developing infield sales tools

- Developing Strategic sales plans

- Specification selling

- Sales management mentoring

As a business you should be always looking ahead of the game, identifying and building future growth opportunities. That activity must happen even when you’re hitting record months and all-time highs. Don’t use “I’m too busy” as an excuse not to strengthen the life-blood of your business.

Call me to find out how S Three can unlock your sales potential and get growth humming.