My name is Jake Brookie and I am the owner of Retro Cameras Limited. I supply second-hand photography equipment through online auctions and am a licenced second-hand dealer. In the last decade, there has been a revival of analogue photography- instant cameras are in vogue, 35mm film is in fashion and even Super8 movie film is back with a brand new camera! I have collected over 1,000 cameras from glass plate models to the first generation digital cameras so can accurately describe each camera to its prospective owner.

I moved to Hawkes Bay in 2011 and absolutely love it here! Retro Cameras Limited has partnered with the Art Deco Trust to deliver a vintage camera rally event for the 2018 Art Deco Festival and I am always looking for ways to be involved with the local community. Using a camera made of cardboard for the first time is far removed from today’s digital cameras- but it is a fun hobby and an art form!

As well as owning and operating Retro Cameras Limited, I am an educational contractor who supplies environmental education resources and programmes in Hawkes Bay. I have an interest in marine conservation and a passion for learning more about our native wildlife- something that I am keen to pass on!

I am excited to be part of the Hawkes Bay Chamber of Commerce and look forward to meeting you all and working together for business in Hawkes Bay.

Jake Brookie

021 025 73553