Modus Operandi Consulting Group provides business owners with a range of motiv business improvement tools designed around helping them build a more focused, sustainable, productive business. 

Through our targeted 20 Point Business Improvement Program combined with a range of coaching, implementation and support services we can provide you with a way of ensuring everyone in the business knows how they can best contribute to the overall vision and success of your organisation.  The Best Way - Everyday is the benchmark we strive to achieve. 

We also capture and secure how your business operates which is an important component of the Program. Knowing your IP remains with the business and not in the heads of those working in it provides peace of mind for those leading the charge. 

We can improve your overall productivity and profitability which can increase your chances of achieving your business goals.

We host your results online making information available anytime, anywhere to those who need it most.  Information can be easily maintained and your systems can grow with your business.   No more paper wars….

Our unique combination of Program, Platform and Services are a great investment in your future.  We have a range of cost-effective options available to make this work for you and your business.  Pay as You Go or a 12 Month Subscription Model is available.  We can also offer co-funding through NZTE for some of our products and services for those businesses approved by the Regional Business Partner Network. 

Easy does it.