Whether from our local HB clinics or where you live, we provide safe, clean, and instant ear wax removal.

Our modern quick micro-suction treatment relieves hearing loss, pain and discomfort for those with blocked ears.

You’ll find us different to other firms as we provide a totally personalised service. Our services are provided solely by our founder Anne Roberts, a registered NZ nurse and a member of the Ear Nurse Specialists Group. Anne has 27 years’ experience in nursing and five years’ experience in micro-suction.

No one should suffer hearing loss from blocked ears, so we guarantee your ear wax removal treatment within a week or you don’t have to pay. We can see you out of hours, or on a Saturday morning too.

Unlike water syringing, which can lead to perforation of the eardrum and potential hearing damage, ear wax removal by micro-suction is endorsed by ACC. Gentle micro-suction cleaning of an ear canal is always performed under direct vision using a microscope, which is one major reason it’s safer. We remove excess ear wax, loose skin, debris from ear infections and foreign objects.

We offer a free assessment with a “No Wax, No Fee” guarantee, so you can seek our expert advice without obligation. In fact, we’re so confident you’ll be happy with our ear wax removal services that we offer a full 100% fee guarantee. In the very unlikely event, you’re not happy with our services, you don’t have to pay!

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About Anne

Anne Roberts, a New Zealand registered nurse, has dedicated her working life to nursing and healthcare. Even when Anne followed another passion of hers, collectables and accessories, by becoming a business owner and retailer, she made sure she kept working part-time as a nurse to keep her experience and expertise up to date in addition to exceeding her Continuing Professional Development obligations.

In recent years, Anne has found her niche by specialising as an ear nurse and subsequently, as an ear nurse practitioner, developing a particular expertise in ear micro-suction as well providing audiology support services. Working over in the UK, she set up an ear micro-suction operation completely from scratch, sourcing equipment and the necessary resources and then marketing and delivering an expert, very-much-in-demand not previously available service due to local conditions. Not only does this mean that Anne can safely and quickly remove ear wax with no discomfort to her loyal and happy clients but in addition, she knows how to assess and advise clients on a clear plan of action if she finds any ear conditions and diseases.