- Welcome to colourwood


Colourwood is a small hobby business that was primarily created to keep the maker, Grant McLellan, out of trouble in his spare time.

Whether that has been achieved may be debatable, but evenings and weekends he can generally be found amongst wood shavings, saw dust, and odd smells, not always related to the products he makes, plying his skills as an indentured cabinetmaker with many years of national and international experience.

Colourwood is actually about bringing colour and wood together through various products ranging from wall art, home décor items, upcycled or repurposed furniture or custom made new furniture.

Sick of looking at poorly made imported furniture, we believe with a bit of love we can liven up quality solid wood furniture from yesteryear that look cool, and with reasonable prices attached.

Colourwood will also tackle commission work.

Maybe you have a piece of furniture or an item that you would like to have repaired, restored or jazzed up to blend into your desired surroundings.

Don’t forget your office or reception furniture!

Maybe we can do an item for you that gives your clients or guests something different to look at instead of the same old boring items everyone else has!

Think outside the square! With a bit of imagination and bravery, you will be amazed by what we can do to turn your thoughts and dreams into reality

Visit our website and gallery or like us on Facebook to view our current and past projects.

Contact us to see if we can cater specially for you, or to visit our workshop to view items for sale.