CitySpace is an exciting new venture located upstairs in the 100 block, across from Focal Point Cinema in Hastings. Based out of a historic art deco building, City Space offers a funky, vibrant, professional working space – with all-inclusive, affordable pricing. Before CitySpace completed it’s eight months of renovations, this large space had not been occupied for over 20 years!  

Coworking and shared spaces present an environment surrounded by new people and new stimuli. Who knows? You may end up working across the desk from someone with a completely different background and skill set. Not only would this be interesting, but it could also present a great networking opportunity for both parties! 

There are a lot of entrepreneurs, contractors and short-term visitors who are working from home or a small isolated office. Our all-inclusive month-to-month membership fee makes it easy for individuals and provides all the necessities: desk, power, internet, conference and games room, tea and coffee and lots of places to chill out.

CitySpace’s focus is on creating a community where everyone works and collaborates in a central and convenient Hastings location. We’ve created a work environment that enables members to work independently within a social, collaborative space. It’s the best solution for professionals who want access to all the perks of a traditional office, but without the cost of a long-term lease. 

Experience the difference that working in a co-working space makes to your positivity, creativity, and innovation!

For more information, please visit or call 022 394 0346