With a history spanning some 75 years, Cheal is a multi-disciplinary consultancy that offers extensive expertise in Geotechnical, Civil and Structural Engineering, Surveying, Resource Management Planning and 3D Laser Scanning.

When it comes to any type of land development, Cheal is able to offer a one-stop shop, assisting you with every aspect of your project.  Their Planners will guide you through the requirements of the Resource Management Act, liaising with Council to obtain any resource consents required.  Cheal Engineers will design and oversee the construction of infrastructure needed to complete your development.  This includes geotechnical engineering to determine soil conditions through to traffic engineering for your access requirements, civil engineering for all your services and structural engineering for your buildings.

Cheal Surveyors offer services ranging from a topographic survey of your property so that an architect can design buildings or alterations, or subdividing a property into two lots through to large-scale residential and commercial developments creating hundreds of new lots.  Cheal is recognised throughout New Zealand as a market leader in the field of 3D Laser Scanning and Modelling.  This cutting-edge technology allows highly accurate 3D modelling of assets and infrastructure.  No matter what industry you are in when you need to measure complex shapes the cost of making a mistake is high.  Using 3D scanning technology minimises the chances of this occurring.

The mindset, energy, forethought and flexibility of the Cheal team is what makes them leaders across many sectors.  If you are considering any type of Land Development, big or small, and want to work with a team that will put your interests first, give them a call on 06 835 2096.